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Got Water Damage?

If you suspect you have water damage in your home or building:
  • Do not touch wet or damaged items with bare hands
  • Do not breathe in damp or odorous air
  • Contact a certified water damage repair expert if you suspect a problem

Visual Survey for Water Damage [Non-Destructive]

We perform visual surveys in the home or building to check the fungal ecology or problems in a specific area as directed.

The survey takes about 30-45 minutes and includes the following:
  • 1. Walking around the suspected problem area(s).
  • 2. Walking through and to the areas of concern.
  • 3. Viewing the area with a flashlight to highlight the suspected water damaged area.
  • 4. Taking moisture readings of the structure such as walls, floors, and/or ceiling surfaces to detect moisture intrusion.
  • 5. Taking temperature and relative humidity readings to determine if they fall within ASHRAE recommendations.
  • 6. Providing an estimate for remediation by industry standards [S-520].

Indoor Evaluation

We will visually survey and test for water damage at a reasonable rate. Always remember that the young and elderly are more susceptible to the effects of water damage and indoor pollutants. If you suspect that there may be a problem in the home or building, call us for an indoor evaluation.

Four Things You Should Know About Water Damage

  • 1.There is no practical way to eliminate all odors unless we control indoor moisture!
  • 2. Potential health effects and symptoms associated with water damage exposures include allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory complaints
  • 3. If water damage is a problem in your home or office, you must clean up the water damaged area and eliminate sources of moisture
  • 4. Fix the source of the water problem or leak to prevent further water damage

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