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Is There Mold Under My Floor?

January 13, 2023

Mold is an ever-growing problem that can cause health issues in your home. It can affect any part of your house, including under your flooring. Having mold under your flooring can be dangerous and difficult to identify, but it’s important to know how to recognize and take the necessary steps to remove it.

Here are some tips to help you identify and remove mold under your flooring.

Signs of Mold Under Your Flooring 

Mold grows in damp, dark areas, so one of the first signs of this issue is a musty smell from the floors or walls. This usually indicates that something isn’t right and that there might be a mold issue underneath your floorboards. Other signs include discolored patches on the floor, peeling paint on the walls, water damage, or excessive condensation in the room.

Testing for Mold Under Your Flooring

If you suspect that you may have a mold problem under your floorboards, the best thing to do is a test for it using an air quality test kit or hiring a professional inspector to check for mold spores in the air. An inspector will use specialized equipment such as moisture detectors and thermal imaging cameras to detect any hidden problems with the moisture levels in your house and determine if there are areas where mold could be growing.

Removing Mold From Under Your Flooring

Once you’ve identified an area where there’s likely a mold problem under your floorboards, it’s important to take steps immediately to remove it before it gets worse. Make sure you get in touch with a professional cleaning service! They will ensure that all wet materials are removed from the area so as not to provide further fuel for growth. By using fans or dehumidifiers to reduce moisture levels, professionals can prevent the further development of any existing colonies of mold spores beneath your floors.

Finally, professionals will have cleaners specifically designed to remove mold from surfaces like wood or concrete to clean away all traces of the fungus from underneath your floors before re-installing new floor covering over it.

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