Gus Mestousis

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Contacted them from an add in a circular for a promotion. Mike was nice on the phone and appreciative of the fact that I actually had the number of units, vents, and returns ready so he can quote me properly. Tech (Emil) arrived right on time, even got a text letting me know he was on his way. We went over everything and as quoted have the ok to proceed. He did a great job and was very thorough. After ducts and returns were cleaned, trunk lines were done. He found and showed me that one of the units had mold. Which we opted to go ahead and clean and remove. It was a bit more than I expected but we had the option to proceed and given that it’s mold chose to do so. They worked with us on pricing and provided before and after. Emil was very polite, professional, and great at explaining everything and presenting options. I’m sure people have had their own experiences as other posts show, but based on my experience I would definitely recommend them, and will be doing so to people I know.